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Procurement as a Service

Strategic procurement consulting

A procurement department needs to evolve and develop dedicated skills, in order to stay current on the latest solutions and tools an organization needs to compete. Celero procurement specialists are experts at managing the entire procurement life cycle through a holistic approach that focuses on planning, sourcing and managing vendor relationships to help credit unions drive value, mitigate risk and ensure contractual obligations are being met.

Providing the right expertise quickly and easily

Some credit unions do not have an in house procurement department, it is difficult and expensive to maintain.  Often times the procurement function reverts to the department that needs the new solution. This department then becomes responsible to draft request for proposals, review various vendor offers, select and acquire the solution and then ensure vendor obligations are being met.

When the purchase is made at this level in the organization, the focus will typically default to the lowest sticker price, rather than making an investment that aligns with your strategic objectives.

Procurement is at the core of our business, we have a team of dedicated professionals with years of experience working with and supporting credit unions.  Celero understands the complexities of making sure you get the right solutions that will maximize you investment and support your business objectives. Our relationships with key vendors and the ability to leverage the joint buying powers of our client base can give you access to high value products at compelling price points. Celero’s procurement service brings together responsibilities and activities spread across a credit union to create a core function that helps everyone operate more efficiently and profitably.

Prairie Centre Credit Union selects Celero for strategic procurement services

The Saskatchewan-based credit union is partnering with Celero for procurement expertise and buying power to make a difference to their business. 
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