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We can host critical applications like your core banking system

Our two world-class data centres are built to financial services delivery specifications, and employ strict security policies and procedures enforced within a 24/7 environment.  Our unqualified CSAE 3416 audits have identifies our back-up and disaster recovery plans as world-class. We offer affordable managed or co-managed hosting services.

How you can take advantage of our data centre

Our team can work with you on ways to help you leverage our extensive environmentally-controlled infrastructure and sophisticated processing environment. Services can be customized to tailor systems monitoring and call-out services, data storage and back-up, hardware provisioning and set-up as well as options to provide systems support and maintenance. 

An easier way to manage daily backup

Take advantage of Celero’s secure cloud environment with our Managed Cloud Backup solution.  Streamline your daily backup process, gain greater insights to data storage use and ensure your members’ information is secure.
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RDS remote applications can make you more efficient

RDS stands for Remote Desktop Services, which provides Celero with the ability to host remote applications on dedicated virtual servers in Celero’s cloud environment.  Your team can access the applications remotely through a web portal. The execution of these apps happens in the Celero environment, with only the video, keyboard and mouse information being transferred wirelessly.
With RDS remote apps, you can efficiently deploy programs to devices across your enterprise.  This is especially useful when you have programs that are frequently updated, infrequently used or difficult to manage.
Your team can access applications from devices such as tablets, desktop computers, kiosks, low-powered hardware, and operation systems other than windows.  All that is require is secure VPN access.
RDS remote application can improve program performance for banch office employees who need access to centralized data stores.  RDS applications are optimized for data intensive programs accessed over low-speed connections.
Programs are installed and run on Celero managed servers which results in less time required to implement and provide ongoing application maintenance.  Using RDS remote apps can improve security because the data never leaves the Celero data centre.

Virtualize your IT environment - improve system performance

Infrastructure and server sprawl can leave you with high operating and maintenance costs; in addition, it can contribute to creating a high-risk environment for outages and the potential of lengthy recovery times. Celero offers an effective solution through its server virtualization and data centre hosting services.