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Fintech partners integrate and innovate with Celero

There are thousands of fintech solutions flooding the market and new organizations are being formed at a staggering rate.  The amount of money being invested in startups is growing exponentially and has reached fever pitch in recent years.  As a credit union, it can be hard to determine what’s real and what’s noise. 

Celero has developed a structured approach to analyzing the market and finding fintech innovations that can benefit credit unions. 

Frictionless integration with digital and financial technology

Celero, in collaboration with their credit union partners, have created an API platform designed to dramatically simplify how systems talk to each other and work together.
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An integrated short term lending solution

Members in need of quick access to funds may turn to costly pay day lenders. Now, with Celero and QCash, they can choose you for their lending solution. The automated, cloud-based mobile lending platform QCash gives you the power to offer short-term, small-dollar loans to members while protecting them from predatory lenders
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Online account opening

Celero’s fintech partner, ASAPP, offers a complete online account opening solution and a simplified loan origination process for retail and business onboarding. This digital onboarding solution is integrated with the DNA account processing platform.
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