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Digital Process and Content Management

Traditionally, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) has been seen as a document and records management system, but today’s ECM systems are so much more – with the focus shifting from solely managing costs to also enhancing member experiences.

As digital transformation is a strategic initiative for many credit unions, you may be considering your content and process management strategy to better meet the needs of employees, members, and regulators.

A platform with limitless potential

As a credit union, aligning your back-end processes is key to enabling your member-centric, digital ecosystem. Celero has partnered with industry leader Newgen Software, to deliver a single low code application platform that enables digitalized contextual content services to be shared across your credit union. By offering this unified platform, Celero is providing greater selling opportunities, stronger risk management, and process standardization to increase overall operational efficiencies.

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Automate your processes and improve efficiency

The process of content automation is critical to the success of a credit union in today’s digital landscape. Newgen’s technology gives your credit union the ability to connect all your systems, processes, people, and technology in innovative ways. It allows your credit union to cut the manual process by 90 per cent, increasing overall efficiency.

Cost-effective integration

Integrating a new system should never become a burden on your credit union or impact your members. With Celero Xchange™ Banking Ecosystem Integration Platform, integrating Newgen’s solution is seamless and cost-effective.

Members are looking for a unified and consistent omnichannel experience with the flexibility to engage with their credit union across a mix of channels. They expect that their requests can be initiated and completed on any device, at any time. 

With Newgen’s technology, you can provide customers with the best experience and service possible, while still lowering costs. This is accomplished by adopting offering an omnichannel experience for to your members in order to lower cycle times and enhance touchpoints, improving member relationships.
A digital workforce expects access to real-time information across multiple devices, networks, and platforms, with the ability to collaborate over a secure work environment. Newgen’s Enterprise Content Management Suite offers contextual content services, allowing you to access the right content for the right member to increase selling opportunities.
Combined with Celero’s solution integration expertise, Newgen’s technology ensures your credit union is able to reduce operating costs while improving member satisfaction and business productivity.
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Your members’ satisfaction with their experience can be correlated to your credit unions’ ability to share relevant and meaningful content with them, and the efficiency of your credit union. With Newgen’s platform, you can involve employees across different functions, and share processes to leverage content for planned successes.
When information flows seamlessly between systems used by different teams and departments, it can enable collaboration, allowing your credit union to maintain the concurrency of your data and trigger actions to drive successful and timely results.
The partnership between Celero and Newgen provides credit unions with a seamless transition to a single platform with the ability to better serve customers and cut down on operating inefficiencies and costs.
In addition, this platform allows your credit union to manage change while always staying in compliance with current and upcoming regulations. The Celero-Newgen partnership is here to provide you and your members the best possible experience.

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