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Celero Xpress™. Speed. Innovation. Security.

Digital banking — powered by ebankIT

Deliver exceptional digital banking experiences to your members with a complete omnichannel banking platform – Celero Xpress™. It’s a complete digital banking platform for commercial, retail and small business, bringing an integrated, dynamic and powerful omnichannel experience to your credit union.
Celero Xpress

Driving transformative banking experiences

Today more than 75 per cent of Canadians use digital channels to complete most of their banking transactions. That’s according to 2019 research from the Canadian Bankers Association. This means that for financial institutions, your members’ and customers’ banking experiences predominately occur online.

Celero Xpress is ready for Canadian credit unions and financial institutions, so you can deliver transformative banking experiences to your members – every log in, every transaction, every time.

Delivering a fully-integrated omnichannel platform

Powered by ebankIT, a global digital banking developer, Celero Xpress is an intuitive, user-friendly platform with plug-and-play functionality, enabling quick deployment across all your banking channels at once.

Celero Xpress is connected to our digital ecosystem of member experience solutions, which is enabled by Celero Xchange™. Making connections by using modern APIs, the Celero Xchange integration platform allows you to seamlessly integrate internal and external applications to your critical systems.

Enabling insights, flexibility and control

Celero Xpress transforms more than the member experience – it enables your back-end processes to become intuitive and your front-line staff to be empowered. They will see real-time performance data and be able to use that data to work efficiently and understand your members’ needs better, ultimately improving the digital and in-branch service experiences.

An intuitive back-end system powers the Xpress interface, giving financial institutions flexibility, agility and control to manage and enhance your members’ banking experiences. The platform has configurable tools, which enable you and your team to directly manage updates and changes, improving time to market for new features and functionality and reducing dependence on third-party providers.

Fueling future innovations

Celero Xpress is designed for continuous innovation; it can easily accommodate new tools or functionality, including open banking, ensuring that your financial institution is always at the forefront of banking.

This omnichannel banking platform also brings an open ecosystem of feature innovation through a network of clients and partners, including ebankIT.  With Celero Xpress, you’ll accelerate your technology roadmap – being able to deliver new leading-edge features to address market changes and the demands of your members today, and in the future.

Providing a proven delivery model

Celero offers a proven delivery and implementation model that ensures your adoption of Celero Xpress is seamless, secure and supported. In implementing Celero Xpress, we draw on our experience of successfully completing system migrations and conversions for 140 credit unions, backed by our robust hosting, monitoring and support services.

The Xpress platform is also powered by ebankIT, a proven, award-winning banking platform, with success in mobile-advanced European countries, and mobile-dominant South Africa. It has a reputation for innovation, speed to market and successful execution.
Celero Xpress includes comprehensive solutions for retail, small business and commercial banking clients. With business-centric features like multi-user platform, built-in security centre and FX and multi-currency handling, Celero Xpress provides a single solution that will transform digital banking experience for all your members.
The digital banking website for Celero Xpress uses an intuitive, integrated content management system, which currently powers over half a million websites. The Internet and mobile banking channels include innovative member security controls and high-risk transaction protection.
Celero Xpress features management tools that enable you and your team to directly control updates and changes and lead the customization of your digital banking experience. Its complete configurability improves time to market for new features and functionality and reducing your dependence on third-party providers.
As part of Celero’s support services, Celero Xpress comes with system hosting and monitoring support, including cyber security, fraud management and disaster recovery.
Celero Xpress features a comprehensive back office management platform that’s designed to be configured for your credit union’s needs. You’ll have access to system monitoring, options for configuring tools, and be able to manage both the employee and member experience. You can monitor performance data in real-time and directly integrate data into your active directory.
Celero Xpress features Live Assistance, which enables your staff to quickly and easily support members through screen sharing, co-browsing, secure messenger and live audio and video chat. It provides a consistent experience across both branch and contact centre channels, ensuring consistency in your employee workflow management.
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