Applications that make you more efficient

Using time saving apps will help your team focus on serving members. Our team can support the implementation of ready-made apps or design a custom solution to solve your unique business problem. From issuing cards to balancing ATM transactions, we know the importance of doing things efficiently, without comprising member security.


Your DNA® account processing platform is already a powerful, robust solution.  We want to help you extend and enhance that platform with DNAapps.  Celero is currently testing and will soon implement some great apps that can help you increase efficiency, decrease errors, ensure you remain compliant and so much more.  DNAapps help everyone from your front-line staff to back office operations, leaving your team with more time to focus on what really matters - the members you serve.
This app will automate the workflow for issuing cards in the DNA banking system. It will help you eliminate errors when creating cards and reduce the need to reissue and re-order cards, which will save your Credit Union time and money. New Card Wizard will simplify the overall process for your staff so they can effectively serve your members.
The retirement inquiry app gives you the ability to inquire and provide account balance, withholding histories or transaction summary details. It also gathers information into one location so your team doesn’t need to go over multiple prior-year reports.
The DNAappstore is a unique repository for custom-developed apps that provide a wide range of useful and efficient solutions. A unique shared community network gives access to the most relevant solutions from a diverse universe of banks, credit unions and partners as well as independent developers around the world. DNAapps are not like other core systems' customization tools, which are limited to moving fields around on a page. These apps integrate and add brand new functionality, extending the power of the core application.

Our grab and go approach enables DNAapps to be installed quickly and easily. The try before you buy program allows you to review a DNAapp in a non-production environment to ensure it meets your needs before you purchase.
Is there a process within your DNA banking platform that you think can be improved? Contact us today, we might already have a solution. And if not, our development team is eager to hear from clients with great ideas and work with them to develop new solutions that enhance the banking experience for your members.

Automate cash counting and cheque recording processes

The ATM Balancing Application is a browser-based product that provides an automated solution to process ATM deposits smoothly and efficiently. It is designed to automate the cash counting and cheque recording processes when balancing your ATM. With the use of a cheque printer, the application will also eliminate the need to handwrite the required information on the reverse side of cheques deposited to the ATM.