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A modern, flexible account processing platform

Today’s financial services organizations expect a core platform to provide competitive advantages, operational efficiency and superior relationship management capabilities.

Celero’s eroWORKS DNA-based retail banking system has the flexibility to support the needs of any financial institution. It is designed to enhance the banking experience at the branch level, strengthen member and customer loyalty, and boost profitability. With complete teller and branch support functions integrated into eroWORKS DNA, the system is easy to use and increases efficiencies by automating many of the of time-consuming, manual tasks required by legacy systems.

Built on modern, scalable platforms featuring robust hardware and operating system options, eroWORKS DNA is designed with architectural standards that ensure security and afford peace of mind. The system provides seamless integration with our self-service channels including internet banking, mobile banking, and telephone banking allowing you to provide convenient multi-channel access for your customers. 

Upgrading your system made easy

We know converting to a new banking system is a daunting task. Our team has learned from experience and can lead and execute a conversion with a credit union to ensure downtime and member impact is minimal. The end result is your credit union and members benefiting from a state-of-the-art retail banking system.
Learn about the biggest conversion in Canadian history

Customize your system with DNA products

Discover our full range of companion products that make the eroWORKS DNA banking system an even more powerful tool. Explore solutions for scanning IDs, implementing a CRM, verifying customer data, custom applications and more.
Enhancements for a powerful tool

Celero and Fiserv Renew their Core Banking Services Partnership

Celero and Fiserv are pleased to announce they completed a new long term partnership agreement that will expand and strengthen services to credit unions and financial institutions across Canada over the next seven years.
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