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Transform your data to improve member experiences and differentiate your credit union

By unlocking data captured in operational and financial systems and converting it into useful, relevant insights, credit unions can be empowered to use this information to serve members better and strengthen member relationships.

Imagine if you could predict which members were going to leave before they did. Is there something you could do to change their mind? What if you knew how much business you lost from current members to competitors? Would you change how you market to your current members? What if you could intelligently predict what product a member is likely to buy next? Would you reach out?

Member information at a glance

What if you had an accessible, consolidated view of a specific member's information? For example, balance trends, product balance summaries, channel usage, prediction of the next product they need, and external transactions. Could your team leverage this information to improve the member’s experience?

We can help you find the answers you are looking for

By using data analytics to exceed member expectations, streamline operations and manage risks, credit unions can differentiate their member experience effectively and thereby get a step ahead of market demands and expectations.

Analytics platform built specifically for Canadian credit unions

Celero has identified the unique requirements of Canadian credit unions and built a team of experts, along with the right technology, to deliver right-size solutions for credit unions, wherever they are on their analytics journey.

Our team of experts can help you:
  • Define your analytics goals
  • Customize a solution for your credit union’s unique needs
  • Integrate your data using our open and agnostic platform allowing the integration of data from any credit union technology vendor
  • Provide reports, dashboards and analytics to view insights and trends easily and quickly
  • Create a 360-degree view of your members to gain greater visibility into their overall member experience

Under development: Our roadmap

In the analytics lab, our team is exploring a delinquency prediction model that will predict the probability that a member will become delinquent well before it happens. This will help credit unions begin working with the member early to minimize risk.
Analytics is changing industries, including the financial services industry, and credit unions are not sheltered from this rapidly evolving environment. In our latest white paper, we examine the critical role analytics will play in financial services and we’ll share what Celero is doing about it.

Download the white paper
Is business analytics right for you?