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Is it time to consider moving from tape to the cloud?

Is it time to consider moving from tape to the cloud?

Have we reached the tipping point for small-to-medium sized Canadian credit unions to move away from tape to cloud backup? Mohsin Syed, General Manager at Celero, weighs in.

First off, Mohsin, what is cloud backup?

With managed cloud backup, credit unions’ server data is backed up locally and over an encrypted network to an off-site server hosted within Celero's data centres.

What are the small-to-medium sized Canadian credit unions using today to back up data?

Most of them are still using tape as their data backup solution. It’s not surprising. Tape has been around for 60 years, is relatively cheap and provides a straightforward backup and storage solution. If there is an unexpected data loss – user error, data corruption, or hardware failure –  the data can be restored from the tapes. Restoring data from tape is slow and requires an available tape drive. Often, tapes need to be retrieved from fire-safe storage or an offsite location resulting in delays. If backups are running, a tape drive may need to be freed up. It’s not uncommon to wait for hours or even days for requested data to be restored. And just by the nature of the media, there can be reliability issues.

What are the benefits of cloud backup?

Automation and efficiency. Today, a credit union using tape has to manually change the tapes each day and store them in a secure offsite location. With managed cloud-based backup, the process is automated and, in a disaster, data could be recovered quickly from the cloud. Your data is always online and available to you. It can also simplify information security and managing custody of information. Shipping tapes, storing tapes and keeping track of them can be a pain. 

Is managed cloud backup a viable solution for smaller credit unions?

The cost of cloud has come down, and if you factor in the cost of staff time dealing with management, procurement, and maintenance, and the business continuity factor of being able to easily rebuild a server from the cloud, I think the cost differential is no longer a deterrent. If you factor the cost of a resource’s time, the cost of tape vs. cloud is comparable. I think we will see over the next year, more credit unions moving to a cloud-based backup solution.

Where can credit unions find more information about managed cloud backup?

Celero recently held a webinar on the trends in managed cloud backup. You can view the recording to learn more. Celero recently launched a managed cloud backup service with competitive pricing. Find out more

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