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Celero’s employee engagement journey reaches platinum milestone

Celero’s employee engagement journey started in earnest in 2007 when the organization partnered with Queen’s University School of Business to bring formal methodology and measurement to the company’s engagement efforts.

Decades of research show the correlation between employee engagement and business outcomes. High employee satisfaction and emotional commitment to a job contribute positively to a company’s performance.

“We understood how integral our people are to our success as an organization,” said Gerry Cox, Celero’s Chief People and Culture Officer. “Having team members who are passionate about what they do, are committed to our goals and giving their best every day traces directly to providing excellent customer service and delivering on our strategic objectives. We knew we needed to focus on building engagement within our company to be the employer we wanted to be and the partner our clients needed us to be.”

Celero continued to work with Queen’s, in partnership with Aon Hewitt, to measure employee engagement and refine the company’s approach to cultivating a positive work environment and attracting and retaining top talent. The company’s targeted effort paid off with the exciting news Celero had been named one of Aon’s Platinum-level Best Small and Medium-sized Employers in Canada for 2018.

The Best Employer (platinum status) designation recognizes Celero as a top-quartile leader in engaging employees, demonstrating effective leadership, and building a performance culture.

“This recognition is a validation of our ongoing efforts to create an engaging and progressive work environment for our team,” said Gerry. “With feedback and support from team members, Celero has developed and implemented human resources practices and policies aimed at supporting work-life balance, invested in learning and development programs to drive career growth, and deployed tools and technology to help team members work collaboratively and productively.”

Gerry is quick to emphasize the achievement wasn’t the result of the efforts of one department or the management team. “The entire Celero team contributed to making us one of the best companies to work for in Canada, and we all share this success.”

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