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Celero network improvements help credit unions be future ready

From operating your banking system, to collaborating as a team, to communicating with your members, your credit union’s network infrastructure plays a huge role in how your business runs.

And as technology changes and expectations increase around speed and convenience, credit unions need to understand “what’s under the hood” to keep information flowing, and safe.

Over the past 12 months, Celero has been making improvements to our technology infrastructure to increase network speed, security and resiliency.

Upgrading the backbone of our network

Just like your spinal cord does for your body, a network backbone is the infrastructure that interconnects different networks and provides a path for the exchange of data between networks. Celero has upgraded the capacity of our network by 40x to 20 GBPS, which means our network can handle any size of workload without degrading network speed and performance.

Upgrading the connections

In late 2017 and early 2018, Celero is upgrading the Internet connections to our data centres to five times faster than current connection speeds and is replacing the proxy servers that provide your employees their secure gateway to the Internet. Clients will see improved response times for the applications that require Internet access as well as better response times for general browsing and interactive Internet-based applications. This will also allow Celero to better manage increased workload for our private cloud.

Upgrades with minimal client impact

Celero is also implementing active/active architecture for our Internet, backbone and virtual systems. This means we’ll be able to do more system upgrades without needing maintenance outages. This has already been implemented for the backbone where in the past we used an active/standby system. With active/standby, we use only half the capacity available.  With active/active architecture, all the capacity is used, making the service much more cost-effective. These architectural changes, coupled with the Internet speed upgrades, provide for automated Internet service failover between our two data centres, meaning essentially zero downtime in the case of infrastructure or telco failure. This change will first be implemented on general browsing and websites that Celero hosts and will be extended to other services over time.

Keeping data secure and protected

On an annual basis, Celero spends around $3 million on information security, which includes capital investments in network infrastructure, automated tools and experts dedicated to keeping client data protected and safe from cyber threats and ensuring our clients meet strict compliance requirements. Celero’s investment on your behalf enables credit unions a level of security they cannot achieve on their own.

Providing top of the line network capabilities, while keeping costs down

As credit unions ramp up their digital capabilities, it can place increased demands on their network infrastructure. It can be costly to keep up and dollars you want to direct to other IT initiatives can get gobbled up by expensive network upgrades and operating costs. Not to mention increased risk for outages and the potential of lengthy recovery times. Celero actively manages our infrastructure and works with service providers to keep our network up to date and secure, at a shared cost that makes it easier for credit unions of all sizes to afford the network capabilities, security and redundancy they need.

Want to know more?
If you have any questions about Celero’s network hosting services and what they can do for your credit union, contact your Celero Account Executive.

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