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We're so glad you're interested in staying in touch! There are a number of ways to stay informed on the happenings at Celero. Subscribe to receive emails on select topics. Check out the client extranet site, or if you prefer being on the go, install our mobile app. 

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Client Extranet

The Celero client extranet site extranet.celero.ca is your online source for bulletins and system alerts tailored specifically for you. Like the Celero mobile app, you will only see information on the site that is relevant and important to your credit union or organization.

Your mobile app and Celero client extranet login information are the same.  All bulletins and system alerts created in 2017 and beyond will be stored on this site. 

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Celero Mobile App

The Celero Mobile App provides our clients with simplified access to current information by efficiently organizing bulletins, system alerts, and Celero news. This mobile solution provides the end user with a personalized view of information pertinent to them. 
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