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The Celero Client Extranet

On July 31 we combined the Celero Client Extranet with the Celero Client Portal to create a new secure site for Celero clients, credit union partners and team members that is mobile friendly, easy to navigate and customized to the end users.  The login credentials for the new Client extranet are the same as what you used on the Celero Client Portal.  If you are unsure if you have login credentials for the Client extranet, visit the site, extranet.celero.ca, click "Forgotten Password" and enter your email address.  A new password will be emailed to you. If you are not in the system, you will be asked to fill out a Registration Request form. 

The new Celero client extranet, extranet.celero.ca, will be your online source for Celero news and updates, product information, important links and more. To keep things simple your mobile app and Celero extranet login details will be the same. 


Getting to know the new Celero Client Extranet

You will likely have a few questions when you first start using the Celero Client Extranet. Below is some information to help you get started. If you still have questions please contact our client care team at 1.866.923.1222.
On the Celero client extranet login screen, click "Forgotten Password". On the following screen, enter the email address your account has been registered with (your individual work email address). Click “Send Password”. Please allow a bit of time for the process to complete and only click "Send Password" once. Check your email inbox for an email containing a new password.
We recommend that you change your password to something easy to remember right away. Login to the site by entering your email address and the password provided in the "Forgotten Password" email or the email sent by Celero's Service Desk team. On the home screen, there is a link to “Change My Password”. Click on it. Enter your current password and a new password of your choice (twice to confirm). Click the "Change Password" button.

Your new password will now be your password for both the mobile app and the Celero client extranet site. 
Click the "Request registration" link. You will be asked to fill out a form with your information. Our Service Desk team will process your request and create an account for you. Please allow up to 2 business days to receive an email with further instructions from Celero Service Desk.

We encourage you to change your password. Please view "How can I change my password to something I'll remember?" above.
The Celero client extranet and mobile app organize Celero bulletins, system alerts and news items in an easy to read format on your desktop or mobile device. Click on the "your bulletins" link on the home page of the Celero client extranet. The most recent 5 bulletins will be shown for you. If you'd like to view more past bulletins, click the "View all bulletins from 2017" link. To make it easier to find what you are looking for, the list of bulletins can be sorted by bulletin number, status and system.

Bulletins created prior to 2017 will continue to be available on the eroDOCS site.
Over time, your product portfolio with Celero may change. To ensure that you continue receiving information on the client extranet that is relevant to you, please ensure Celero Service Desk is made aware of the change. The Service Desk team will adjust your settings so information pertinent to you will be provided both on the mobile app and on Celero client extranet.

Celero Mobile App

The Celero mobile app provides our clients with simplified access to current information by efficiently organizing bulletins, system alerts, and Celero news. This mobile solution provides the end user with a personalized view of information pertinent to them. 
Learn more about the app