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Celero Mobile App

The Celero mobile app provides our clients with simplified access to current information by efficiently organizing bulletins, system alerts, and Celero news. This mobile solution provides the end user with a personalized view of information pertinent to them. 

Getting to know the Celero mobile app

You will likely have a few questions when you first start using the app. Below is some information to help you get started. If you still have questions please contact our client care team at 1.866.923.1222.
First step is to download the app directly from the Google Play or Apple App stores. You can find the app by searching for "Celero Solutions" in your app store.

The next step is login to the mobile app. If you received bulletin number 073.2017 email from Celero Client Care, your account is already activated under your individual work email address. The first time you sign in you will need to click “Forgotten Password” to generate a new password. Enter your email address into the email field. Click “Send Password”. Check your email inbox for an email containing a new password.

If you did not receive an invitation bulletin email from Celero, you will have to request registration. Start the app, click the "Request Registration" link at the bottom of the login screen. Complete the form in its entirety and click "Submit". Celero Service Desk will review your request and provide follow up instructions within two days.
We recommend that you change your password to something easier to remember right away. Go to the Celero client extranet at https://extranet.celero.ca. Login using your email address and the password just emailed to you. On the home screen, there is a link to “Change My Password”. Click on it. Enter your current password and your new password, twice. Submit.

Use this new password to login to the app. If you’d like, use the “Remember” toggle to have your phone remember your password for you.
The app organizes Celero bulletins, system alerts and news items in an easy to read format on your mobile device. A number in a red circle by one of the titles indicates how many unread items you have in that category. Bulletins and system alerts over 3 weeks old will not be displayed on the app, but can still be accessed through the Celero client extranet.
When the app is first installed on your phone, you may receive a message asking for your permission to receive notifications from the app. Agree to receive these notifications if you want to be alerted when a new item has been posted.

Notifications can be turned off in one of two ways: in your phone settings and in the app itself. To turn on and off notifications within the app: launch the app, click the gear symbol at the top right of the screen, toggle on and off the “Receive notifications” switch, and save your changes.

Please note – if the phone settings have notifications turned off, notifications will not be received by your phone unless you adjust this setting.

Notifications will only be sent out for system alerts.
An item appearing with a red title is a new one that you haven’t read before. Once you’ve tapped the item, and had a chance to read it, the title will become black. Items you’ve read will appear at the bottom of the screen. Bulletins and system alerts that are updated will appear in a dark red colour and will appear towards the top of the list again.
Frequently, bulletins, system alerts, news items and product information contain links to more information. These links will either download a PDF document or open a browser webpage to access information on the Celero client extranet (use the same username and password to login as you do for the mobile app), celero.ca or elsewhere. Occasionally links to past bulletins on the eroDOCS site will be present. eroDOCS is only accessible from devices that are on the Celero network.
Over time we anticipate that your product portfolio with Celero may change. To ensure that you continue receiving information on the app that is relevant to you, please ensure that Celero Service Desk is made aware of the change. The Service Desk team will adjust your settings so that information pertinent to you will be provided both on the mobile app and on Celero client extranet at extranet.celero.ca.

The Celero Extranet

The Celero client extranet site extranet.celero.ca is your online source for bulletins and system alerts tailored specifically for you. Like the Celero mobile app, you will only see information on the site that is relevant and important to your credit union or organization.

Your mobile app and Celero client extranet login information are the same.  All bulletins and system alerts created in 2017 and beyond will be stored on this site. 
Have questions or feedback about the app?