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Webinar series: Fintech solutions

There are thousands of fintech solutions flooding the market and new organizations are being formed at a staggering rate.  The amount of money being invested in startups is growing exponentially and has reached fever pitch in recent years.  As a credit union, it can be hard to determine what’s real and what’s noise. 

Rojin Nair, General Manager of Fintech Solutions at Celero, has developed a structured approach to analyzing the market and finding fintech innovations that can benefit credit unions.  Rojin will be hosting a webinar series, where he will be showcasing three different organizations that we are currently exploring or have recently partnered with.  Each organization has their own unique set of solutions that can help credit unions gain a competitive advantage. 

Webinar: Driving digital transformation through business process automation

Financial institutions are investing in customer-centric digital ecosystems. They are harnessing intelligent process automation to deliver enhanced user-experience across multiple channels. To assist credit unions accelerate their digital transformation journey, Celero recently launched its Digital Process and Content Management solution in partnership with Newgen Software.

Celero and Newgen are pleased to invite you to a webinar featuring Craig Le Clair, Vice President & Principal Analyst at Forrester Research Inc. Craig is an internationally recognized expert in helping companies transform from manual and analog processes to the mobile, digital, and cognitive world. His expertise includes robotic process automation and the emerging digital workforce, A.I. solutions in financial services, and potential workforce disruption due to these technologies.

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Webinar: Innovative product bundling and pricing based on contextual customer relationship

As part of our fintech solutions offering, Celero is exploring partnerships with innovative fintech solution providers. Celero is excited to present this webinar with award-winning fintech firm Zafin, that provides financial institutions with intelligent data insights to offer the right products and pricing to its clients while measuring value and profitability. Zafin’s platform has helped financial institutions of all sizes deepen client relationships, improve operational efficiency, and enhance revenue.

Zafin's solutions plug into financial Institutions’ existing ecosystems and helps them to:
  • Tailor product bundling and pricing to member relationships and microsegments.
  • Create, change, and rapidly deploy product bundling and pricing, with no technical expertise or IT interaction required.
  • Automate the tracking and governance of product bundling and pricing against key performance metrics.
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