Recorded Webinars

Celero's Product Roadmap - February 2019
In this webinar, Celero's product teams review recently launched and upcoming products and services on our roadmap. This includes updates on products related to Digital Transformation, Solution Integration, Fintech Solutions, Digital Banking, Core Banking and Managed Services.
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Office 365 Licensing Overview Webinar
In this webinar, we will share with you the different types of licensing available on Office 365 and changes to an overview of your current licensing model and pricing.
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Office 365 Update Webinar
Learn more about the benefits of Office 365 including key features and functions.  Take this opportunity to hear about 'Why Celero and Office 365', including considerations and support for the migration off of your current exchange environment to Office 365.
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Newgen Webinar 
To be competitive, credit unions need to be agile, efficient and contextual in responding to member’s needs and market demands.  Aligning your back-end processes is key to enabling your member-centric, digital ecosystem.
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Segmint Webinar - 2018
Credit unions have a wealth of information about their members, but how can transactional data be used to develop actionable insights? How can you use data to target your marketing efforts so they’re more cost-effective and produce better results?
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Managed and Cloud Services Webinar
Learn how our secure and reliable hosting services are designed for banking systems. We can help you minimize or completely eliminate the need for servers onsite, reducing maintenance and infrastructure costs and mitigating risk. 
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DNAapps Webinar
Do your operations run on the DNA banking system? Our development team has created DNAapps you can implement and benefit from right away. Learn about the DNAapps already available and find out what our dev team is busy working on.
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Segmint Webinar
Learn about Segmint, a data analytics solution that enhances marketing capabilities and plugs into and augments Celero’s analytics offering for credit unions.
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Business Analytics Webinar
Learn how business analytics created real value for credit unions. This webinar focusses on real examples of how business analytics has helped two credit unions in the United States enrich their overall member experience.
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Blockchain Webinar
This webinar provides an overview of blockchain and distributed ledgers and why credit unions need to pay attention to what is happening in the market in pursuit of this technology.
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ASAPP Webinar
This webinar focusses on real examples of how the ASAPP solution has helped Northern Credit Union deliver an online solution that removes friction from the onboarding experience.
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