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Training Talk

March 06, 2018
The new 2018 training schedule is out! Take a look and start planning your learning development goals for the year. Sessions begin right away.
Back Office Business and System Tables (BO302) - March 6, 2018
The Back Office Business and System Tables course looks behind the scenes at the business and system tables that impact the front-end of the system. This course will enhance your understanding of DNA in order to make customized changes to the eroWORKS DNA banking system.
Back Office Institution Options (BO303) - March 7, 2018
The Back Office Institution Options course continues to delve into the back-end of the eroWORKS DNA banking system. This course looks behind the scenes at institution options that impact the front-end of the system.
Employee Authorizations (BO306) - March 8, 2018
User access to DNA is controlled through the use of authorizations. This course will enhance the understanding of DNA to make customized changes to existing authorizations and security settings.
NEW! Term Deposit Enhancement (SME006) - March 13, 2018
In January we offered the SME006 Term Deposit Enhancement course and have requests to offer it again. Term Deposits now have the option to link a monthly rate schedule. Join us as we showcase how these features will benefit the credit union and demonstrate the options and variables needed to set this up in DNA, as well as set up and link the new rate schedule.
FREE! NEW! IFRS9 What is it?  Why is it important? (SME007) - March 22, 2018
IFRS9 is here, do you know what it is? Why is it important? We’ve had requests to cover this timely topic. Join us for a free one-hour webinar to learn more about IFRS9 and how we can help your organization.
NEW! IFRS9 Required & Conditional Requirements for Security (LN400) - March 26, 2018
IFRS9 reporting requires security information from all loan accounts. Join us to learn what kind of security information is required for IFRS9, and where this information is located on DNA.
These are just a few of the offerings we have this spring. Check out the Spring Featured Courses on the main page of the Educational Development Centre for more information on upcoming sessions.

Did you know?
We now have pre-recorded webinars and demonstrations available on our Celero Extranet under the training section so you can watch webinars when the time works for you. Check out one of these recorded webinars available now:
  • Activity Monitor DNA app Demo
  • Maintaining Online Forms Demo
  • DNA 4.3.2 Release Webinar
Look for “recorded webinars” on the right-hand side of the Celero Extranet training page.

Webinar Suggestions?
We’d love to hear your ideas of demonstrations you would like recorded or any topics you would like to see covered in training. Contact us at training@celero.ca.

We do custom training too. Ask us about it.